Two Snippets

My body, the house I live in, compact, chunky solid, taken for granted, compared out.
When it no longer functions, gives up, burns out, does my spirit, the essence housed
inside, go as well? Or, like some mystics believe, does this culmination of a life, lesson
learned, wisdom gained, hang out in the ether awaiting another body to move into,
somewhat like a hermit crab that moves from shell grown too small to another larger
empty one providing necessary room for growth. May I come back again in, say 200-
years, to see what has transpired in my absence.
Do Unto Others:
Currently a debate is raging in Derry over what type of industrial development is conducive
to its new peacetime economy. This debate centres around whether or not
Raytheon, a major military arms supplier, should be allowed to maintain its software
manufacturing facility here.
Endemic unemployment in Derry is legendary. This historic socioeconomic dilemma is
offered a seemingly viable solution because several USA industries previously unwilling
to locate here while war was raging, now want to do so. Their main interest stems from
the fact that Ireland represents a backdoor into the European Union with a potential
workforce that is well-educated and English-speaking.
Derry’s elected officials and citizens now must decide how to meet the mutual needs of
its unemployed and these potential employers. After years of witnessing family members,
relatives, friends and neighbours killed and maimed because of armed conflict, it
would be understandable if the people of Derry were hesitant to invite foreign investments
that perpetuate the same in other lands.
The controversy around whether or not Raytheon is to remain in Derry is made even
more complex because the Republic of Ireland maintains a stance of neutrality in armed
conflicts, preferring instead to provide troops for peace-keeping duties when called
upon by the United Nations. Now a segment of this island, an enclave of the UK which is
a member of NATO, threatens the future potential of all-island neutrality by being willing
to accommodate Raytheon whose software guides its Cruise and Tomahawk warhead
missiles that are now raining down on the citizens of Iraq.

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