The stone that found me at An Creagán has joined others From fields and beaches travelled; Santa Barbara, Connemara, Grand Canyon, Bays Bodega, Clew, Chesapeake, Spanish Point, Yellowstone, Geneva, Lakes Michigan, Swilly, Tahoe, Oceans Pacific and Atlantic. Talismans marking life’s … Continue reading

Lough Swilly Trilogy

Vista Sun-washed salt-marsh shore Rainbow fragment Heron wading with measured steps Solitary walker Distant snow-capped mountain range Horseback rider Fishing boats’ crews setting nets Window framed. Spring A plethora of birds ply the airspace out my bedroom window; hawks, seagulls, … Continue reading


By Paddy Mulan It was a special day. Rory’s twenty-first. Where was he? Why had he not come like a knight in shining armour and swept her away? They could set up home like a proper family. Sinead still clung … Continue reading