Monuments and Myths

By Bridie Canning Sleeping warriors wait under Beiderhg, Peat blanketing their ancient bones. Beached white horses thrashing Roar. Is it our time? Oisin, Cormac, Daithi dreaming in Belderrig Your names recall the sleeping warriors. Unleashed war-horses thrashing Snort. It is … Continue reading

The Fallen

Bridie Canning Distortion of language kills. “Smart bombs, Friendly Fire, Taken out, collateral damage” Men, women, children die. Statues topple, echoes from Iraq Rebound off Derry Walls, Symbols of power inanimate, Animated by people’s anger, Fall in hope of democracy, … Continue reading


The stone that found me at An Creagán has joined others From fields and beaches travelled; Santa Barbara, Connemara, Grand Canyon, Bays Bodega, Clew, Chesapeake, Spanish Point, Yellowstone, Geneva, Lakes Michigan, Swilly, Tahoe, Oceans Pacific and Atlantic. Talismans marking life’s … Continue reading

Lough Swilly Trilogy

Vista Sun-washed salt-marsh shore Rainbow fragment Heron wading with measured steps Solitary walker Distant snow-capped mountain range Horseback rider Fishing boats’ crews setting nets Window framed. Spring A plethora of birds ply the airspace out my bedroom window; hawks, seagulls, … Continue reading